A premonition led Robin to her life mission - helping the widowed and grieving. She faced numerous difficulties alone as a widow (water in house twice, home burglary, critter epidemic, obscene caller, Hurricane Ike and more). She wanted others to not feel so alone.

Robin created a live weekly web TV show to provide hope, solace and support. Viewers can communicate via the live interactive chat room - something not offered by cable or network TV shows. In its third year, Robin Craig LIVE averages 6,000 views weekly.

There are almost 11.5 million widows in America with another 700,000 added annually. Worldwide, there are 245 million widows, and all can watch Robin Craig LIVE's international broadcasts via computer and the Internet (no cable/satellite required). To continue this vital and well-received work, Robin needs your help.

Make a difference today and give the gift of hope. Your kind donation will help enhance the lives of those suffering the loss of a loved one and defray the cost of production. (Donations are not tax deductible.)


Donate via Paypal (No PayPal account required) or Mail check/money order payable to "Robin Craig" to: 13280 Northwest Freeway, #F-346, Houston, TX 77040
(Your privacy and security are greatly valued. All information is kept confidential.)


"Your TV show is like a weekly booster shot for me." - Ellyn in San Diego, CA

"I oftentimes feel like a fool because no one seems to understand my grief. I'm grateful you have a show that addresses this." - Paula in Seattle, WA

"You give me strength to continue and hope for a brighter future. I look forward to Tuesdays." - Sonja in Phoenix, AZ

"I watch your shows to better communicate with my ailing friend and her husband. Invaluable information!" - Glenn in Houston, TX

"Thank you for taking time to put together a show for the broken-hearted. Few will address the grieving." - Joyce in Montgomery, AL

"I've learned so much from your TV show and I don't feel alone now. Can't thank you enough." - Barney in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"I truly believe God sent you to me. Your show saved me from the depths of despair." - Nila in Edmond, Oklahoma

"Your blend of humor and information is entertaining and informative. Please don't stop!" - Jonathon in New York, NY

"I lost my infant son and husband. I appreciate what you do for us and I thank you for the laughter." - Sarah in Detroit, MI